Energy Data Experts Network (Energy DEN)


The Energy Data Experts Network (Energy DEN) is a community of practice for people who use data to analyze, understand, and improve energy systems. We exist to help members connect, learn, and share knowledge that supports a sustainable energy future.

If you want to become an “Energy DENizen” and be part of this community, please¬†sign up to for the mailing list¬†and join the Slack chat space. Note that signing up for either one will automatically make you a member of the other one. For more information about these resources and how to use them, see the Energy DEN wiki.

Future Activities

  • Short online presentations of recent work by members, followed by group discussion.
  • Collaborating around the development and use of open-source software.
  • Finding and sharing public data sets that can be used for research or to enrich other analysis.
  • Developing a support forum for asking and answering questions about best practices and common pitfalls.
  • Sponsoring competitions or hack-a-thons to crack tough problems and build community.
  • Meeting up in person at existing national conferences where members are already attending.